Employee engagement is not just a buzz phrase. No longer can you employ people, leave them to their own devices and think that all will go well. You need to be engaging. An engaged employee is a happy employee.

So, how can you engage better with your employees?

  1. Company Values

Remind them of your company’s values and that they are part of the company as a whole

  1. Social Element

Ensure there is a social element to your company – arrange pause lounge space for employees to engage with each other – put together after work socials

  1. Tools of the Trade

Make sure your employees have the right tools at their disposal. There is nothing more frustrating than not having the right tools to do your job

  1. Growth Opportunities

Build in ways for your employees to grow whether it be the availability of study facilities or giving them access to mentors

  1. Recognition

Praise goes a long way and an employee that feels valued and appreciated will always give the best of themselves

  1. Idea Tank

Allowing your staff to give freely of their ideas is a great, well, idea. You never know what they will come up with

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