You have found the right staff member through doing the recruitment process through TIME PERSONNEL!

Now your role as the employer to staff means that you can directly influence their psyche and confidence in a positive way.  Here are 4 ways in which you can boost your employees morale and confidence.

  1. Tell them they did a good job and consider an incentive plan – a simple thank you goes a long way – Offer an incentive plan which will motivate them to do their best – this can be, preferably, by way of an experience  – think vouchers, shows, events, or anything they wouldn’t normally go buy themselves
  2. Let the team know just how well they are doing and why you value them – highlighting their accomplishments to the team as a whole can boost their confidence and they will continue to do well.  The team, itself, will see this and be motivated to do better too
  3. Help them set goals and check in often with them on how they are progressing towards those goals
  4. Encourage them to share their ideas – you never know what they may have up their sleeve and stay positive even when they fall short of achieving them


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