It costs a company a lot of money when employees absent.

At Time Personnel we ensure that we cover this area very carefully with our references as this can be very costly for our clients.

We recommend that staff are educated that sick leave is not an entitlement and guide employees as to their personal responsibility with their employment to ensure that this is only used in extreme cases.

Companies can reduce absenteeism by implementing performance bonuses or general improvements of working conditions.  The aim is to strengthen the workers’ loyalty to the firm.

We recommend the following:

  • Keep accurate records of absenteeism
  • Analyse those records regularly and look for patterns that are developing
  • Ask the right questions as to why they are absent so often
  • Work on ways in which you can help them should there be a non-health related reason
  • Check whether it is stress that is causing the frequent time off – and how you can assist in reducing that stress
  • Reward those that are attending work regularly and make it a clear reward program so that those who are absent often can be excited by it

In the event the same employee continues to be absent, leaving the load of work on other’s shoulders which is detrimental to your current staff this matter will need to be addressed with the Labour Law procedures.

There are strict rules to how you should address this if this situation leads to dismissal.

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