When you commit to assisting any company with a temporary assignment to cover for staff shortages, you will often find that there is no staff handover or assistance with getting started. In temporary assignments, it is expected of the temp to hit the ground running from the get-go. Always remember to be confident and accept any challenge that comes your way,

What you really want to do as a temporary employee is position yourself as an indispensable, integral part of the team.

Some ideas that will help you are:

  • Try to be flexible, and work with what you have
  • If you feel uncomfortable at the start, make sure to keep a positive attitude, remember this feeling will pass
  • Demonstrate your reliability by coming in on time and working hard
  • If you finish an assignment, check to see if there are additional ways you can help
  • Offer assistance even if it is outside your “job description”
  • Take initiative when appropriate, and be ready to jump into the assignments
  • Don’t complain about any matters to your co-workers, you never know what gets passed on to your Manager
  • Be positive and keep smiling, remember because the employee that they are used to being dependent on is not there, so they are also taking strain
  • Engage in your work as if your job depends on it (it does, as it is your livelihood and pays your salary)
  • Always check in with your manager before the end of the day to ask if they need anything else done

Contract assignments may be temporary, but you have the chance to make a lasting impression and the result could be either a permanent opportunity within the company OR you can get the best and most fabulous recommendation to assist you with getting a new job.

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