Letters of recommendation can be tough to write but are an essential requirement for employees leaving your business. Y

It is important to give their performance and time with your company due diligence but often finding the right words can escape you.

Follow these simple guidelines to an easy recommendation:

  • Refer to their particular job description in preparation – this puts you in a good starting place – knowing exactly what it is that they did
  • Think of instances where they performed particularly well and reference those as examples – real life stories always win
  • Always use positive language and never write about negative issues or elements
  • Find out about the employee’s recognitions over the years – awards, certificates, accolades – mention the circumstances behind them and the work that they put in to achieve them
  • Always proofread the letter a couple of times before finishing and end off on a positive and encouraging note
  • Add those circumstances where the person has gone the extra mile, perhaps put in overtime and whether they were good with multi-tasking

Recommendations can be very powerful and can stand them in good stead for future positions or promotions.

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