We know that candidates get nervous for interviews, but sometimes Managers do as well. Tips on how to prepare before you are going to conduct this Interview.

1. What will be the right type of employee for this position? What sort of culture fit am I looking for?

2. From 1- 10 list the most critical factors moving to the less important factors that you are looking for?

3. Have you thought about what questions you should ask that will give you clarity and assurance that you have covered the role in detail before the applicant leaves?

4. If the new employee you are looking for is going to be working in a team, invite one of the key members of this team to sit in

5. Ask this employee to explain a typical day of what happens in the office and also how and when the pressurised occasions occur within the team

6. When the applicants tells you what they are earning ensure you get the Cost to Company Figure. Find out exactly how the deductions work and how much the contributions are so that you know whether you are going to be able to afford them

7. Do not rush the meeting. Ensure you have allocated enough time. Remember this applicant has more than likely rushed to your premises from work so ensure that you give them enough time and information so that they have the full expectation of this role. You want to see their reaction to this opportunity.

8. Just like you as the Employer are wanting to know about this person it is also important if you are forthcoming with information about your company so this candidate leaves with a good picture

9. Remember you might really end up wanting a particular candidate for this employment but if they leave with limited information you will not have got them excited about this opportunity. Moving to your employ must not just be about money, it must have the element of the candidate wanting to Learn more and grow within themselves

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