Do you judge?

Box people?

Do you prefer certain people based on certain factors above others? Yes of course you do!

This is natural – however, not necessarily right or fair.

WHAT IS A STEREOTYPE? Stereotypes are where traits are classified as suiting specific groups of people generally based on factors such as sexual orientation, race, nationality and cultures.

STEREOTYPING IN THE WORKPLACE Simply, when people are stereotyped in the workplace, they tend to not perform at their best, they can get sick often and have regular occurrences of anxiety. These results are not good for productivity and well-being within the business.

DIVERSITY TRAINING Many businesses are looking at bringing in this type of training where workshops are held covering role-playing and a general sharing of differences, finding out why those differences are good and helping people realise that stereotyping is not appropriate

What can your business do to stamp out the stereotype?

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