Unicorns are extremely rare. In fact, many believe they don’t exist – but, we know they do.

What are we talking about?

Unicorns? Yes, but not the single horn type. We’re referring to UNICORN EMPLOYEES.

A Unicorn employee is someone that possesses unique talents and skills, and TIME PERSONNEL knows they are very hard to come by.

There is not just one title to describe them – they are unique and special.  In fact, we have some of them employed right here at TIME PERSONNEL which makes up our A+ Team.  These employees at TIME PERSONNEL add so much more to the workplace and our business than, dare we say, a regular worker.

We are not saying that they are perfect, by no means, they rarely leave their habitat, as in, once they have been nabbed up by a company, they tend to stay, because they are looked after so well.

Yes, yes, we know. We can hear you shouting,

“I want me a Unicorn!” and we understand why.

They are magical and precious creatures. They really do exist. And, they really are just human beings, Human beings with a crazy amount of talent made up of both hard and soft skills, the latter being the most enticing.