How about trying a couple of these in order to engage more with the candidate you are interviewing?

At TIME PERSONNEL our A TEAM believe in our motto “Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills”.

These questions will assist in understanding more about their attitude!

  • Explain your management style and then ask the candidate this question – Will my management style work for you or will I have to change the way I manage you, in order for you to be successful?
  • Who is, or has been the biggest influence on your decision making about what future job you would like to do?
  • How do you work best, and how will you work productively in our company?
  • What will your referee say is your biggest weakness?
  • What sort of things will irritate you on a day to day basis, either in the workplace or in your personal life?

And to find the candidate to fit your vacancy use TIME PERSONNEL – We set the benchmark for SERVICE EXCELLENCE.

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