It is not easy to do a complete career change, but it is definitely possible.  In this situation it is the discipline and dedication of a ballerina’s lifestyle that got Liz Henry the owner of TIME PERSONNEL to where she is today.

The ballet world conditions you to hours and hours of focused attention to detail, repetition and commitment, and doing what you love with passion and drive.  These are the traits that were necessary to get Liz through a challenging career.

It may seem like a fancy lifestyle, dressed up, looking pretty, performing on stage, but with all entertainment careers it is the behind the behind the scenes moments where all the hard work happens.

When it came time to leave the ballet life behind, Liz took that same dedication and focused on making a success of a new career in the business world.  She started out as a receptionist, moved up to sales and then took the mad plunge to opening her own recruitment agency.

It has been 16 years since that nerve-wracking day and Time Personnel is still going strong. Her key to success has been to treat people with respect and warmth, and this stretches along clients, candidates and her own staff.

Time Personnel stands out from the crowd because of their Personality Differentiator and Attitude. We realise that we are in a digital age, but it is a no brainer that the personal touch needs to be applied no matter who you deal with.

If you are looking to partner with a recruitment company that will have your best interests at heart, reach out to Time Personnel today. They are your recruitment specialists with ATTITUDE!

We believe in OUR MOTTO!