Today your recruitment specialist has sent you the “perfect” match for your company!

You need to compare this to that special that is currently running for your favourite item of clothing where there is very limited stock available, the reality is – if you don’t GET IN EARLY, you may miss out and that person will be SNAPPED UP

We need to remember that candidate recruitment works exactly the same way. The quality candidates get snatched up before you can say “TOP TALENT”.

So, how can you ensure you nab the best of the best before it’s too late?

You really need to be Decisive – but also you need to be quick

We are not saying make bad choices but have a clear idea of what you want and stick to it.  If that candidate sitting in front of you is a match – be decisive because you know what you are looking for.  If you’re sure – make the offer.

If all the boxes have been ticked, have your offer ready to go and let it go!

Good talent will receive a few offers and most of them are also scouted and HEAD-HUNTED, so be prepared for fast action!

You also need to ensure your COMPANY IMAGE is slick – you need to be attractive to the candidates and that means getting your ducks in a row in the following way:

– Ensure your brand is true to your values

– Your brand must be clear on all public platforms and you should be representing a thought leader in your industry

– The candidate must see all this and WANT to work for your company.

The right candidate is out there for you and Time Personnel has the knowledge and experience to help you them.  Contact Us and we will visit you personally to give you expert advice and find the right candidates that will suit your organisation!

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