As a manager or owner of a business, you should be representing a professional and successful outward impression.

One way to do this, is through your dress code.


While, in most industries, it isn’t necessary to be pulling out immaculate dresses or suits like in the series SUITS but taking care of your appearance can go a very long way.


A few tips –

It takes somebody 10 seconds to sum up the first impression of you and your neatness, your style of dress is the main contributor to this

Always dress “one up” from the person next to you

If you join a company who are very casual, rather dress smart casual.

If a visitor comes into your work environment, you want them to notice you first

Remember hair, earrings, make-up, being cleanly shaven is all part of your image and if you get lazy on this side it says so much about who you are

TIME PERSONNEL always advise their candidates on their appearance when they come in for an interview


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