When staff resign, it can leave a terrible taste in your mouth. You start to question your ability as an HR Manager or business owner. You think about what you could have done differently, and you worry that your company is a horrible place to work.


Before you beat yourself up, consider these retention strategies:


  1. Set up Mentorship Programs – when they need to staff have a dedicated person they can speak to


  1. Build in Reward Systems – we all want to be recognised for a job well done – so ensure that you have a system that does just that


  1. Encourage a Work – Life Balance – if you see an employee working too much, assist them with time management, be firm and have them take a break – take the time to understand why they are working so hard


  1. Offer Training and/or Study benefits – everyone wants to grow and learning is a great way to do that – find out how you can help your staff grow and invest in their future


  1. Consider remote or flexy work schedules – very often work can be managed from a remote location or off peak times


Rehiring staff can be a costly exercise, so above all of this, ensure you hire correctly. And, if you don’t know how, speak to the professionals that do.


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