You have heard many times the term Entrepreneur – but do you know what an Intrepreneur is?

An Intrepreneur is that one person in a company that actually lives and breathes their given job as if they owned the company. No, they are not there to take over your business, but you can tell by the way they work that they have a vested interest.

They are very similar to Unicorn employees, which we posted about last month. They are dedicated to their role and give everything they have. But, what an Intrepreneur does differently to a Unicorn, is that they are ideas people.

Much like an Entrepreneur, they come up with ideas and plans that will help the business grow and thrive.


How can your spot an Intrepreneur?

They are resourceful.

They are constantly blasting you with ideas as if they were your partner.

They love to collaborate.

They are constantly networking and finding new people to connect with.

They are real.

They are confident.

They are successful outside of the work environment.


Why hire an Intrepreneur?

Well, after all that, why not?

After all, they may just be worth the bother, and who knows, you may just end up offering them a partnership in your business.

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