At TIME PERSONNEL, our motto is HIRE FOR ATTITUDE – TRAIN FOR SKILLS – and when it comes to hiring straight out of the school candidates or the graduate pool, this statement couldn’t be truer.

Below are some of the questions to ask to ascertain whether they have the ‘right’ attitude:

  • How do they have handle certain conflict situations
  • If they were in a situation where they were reprimanded, ask how they reacted and what was the result of the situation?
  • If there were various roles available, what would they choose?
  • How do they feel about working overtime with no extra income?  Are they prepared to do this to advance their work experience on their CV?
  • Who has been a role model in their life and why?
  • The biggest questions we have is to find out if they are really hungry to work – Are they willing to make the most of any opportunity that comes their way and how do they intend to do this?

All in all we need to ascertain if these candidates can be that person who can think out of the box, not a clock watcher, and be available to assist in any areas of a company not only their designated role.

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