Knowledge  equals confidence!

Ensure when you have an interview with a potential employer that you do extensive research about the company so that you will be fully prepared for the interview. This enables you to walk into the interview room with confidence.

Preparation is key when going on interviews! Follow these tips when preparing for an interview:

  • Put on your outfit that you intend to wear to the interview
  • Practice some interview questions out loud – watch yourself answer these questions by sitting in front of the mirror
  • Smile at yourself. Take a mental photograph of what you look like and this will help you when feeling nervous
  • Ensure that you make eye contact with the people you are talking to – you want to engage with everyone that is sitting in front of you
  • Do not give negative information about your current or previous Employer
  • Whoever you interact with at the Company ensure you smile and greet them, you never know who is watching
  • Google the names of the people you will be meeting with so that when you arrive you can recognise them, this will settle your nerves
  • Never take a “no” negatively – put it down to experience – this job was not on your future career path and there will be another opportunity more suited to you
  • Always that the interviewer for their time after the meeting
  • When you have done your best, remember – what will be, will be!


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