A few easy steps to put your interview stress to bed 🙂

Ensure you wear your confident pair of Shoes!

Google interview question examples – by preparing with questions you will freshen up your thought process on your past experience.  It is important that you don’t leave regretting what you forgot to mention?

Put on your interview outfit and sit in a chair in front of the mirror and smile at yourself. Keep this picture of yourself in your memory bank so that when you sit down in your interview and you feel slightly nervous, you will remember your confident image as to what you saw in the mirror.

Answer the questions looking at yourself in the mirror so you can see how you articulate your answers, remember eye contact and smile – check that you are looking confident  about yourself and your capabilities.

Do not give negative information about your current or previous Employer.

Whomever you pass on the way in or you meet within the organisation, greet them politely with your smile. You never know if they will be asked their opinion later on what they thought of you?

Research – ensure you have searched every detail about their company.  This knowledge and  information will give you confidence.

Google the names of the people you will be meeting with so that when you arrive you can recognise the person which helps settle your nerves. LinkedIn is a great platform to find them.

When you have done your best, remember – what will be, will be!

Never take a “no” negatively – put it down to experience – this job was not on your future career path and there will be another opportunity more suited to you around the corner.

In the meantime, have a look at what vacancies we have open currently at Time Personnel.