When you have unhappy staff, it has an impact on everything in the workplace – client’s become unhappy – and revenue can decrease.

Here are suggestions to increase staff morale.

  1. Understand first and foremost what is making them unhappy

Knowing what is bringing them down can help you to guide them to their normal smiling self. It may be personal or even a mix of both. Whatever it is, having them say it out loud can sometimes release the angst they have around it.

  1. Make sure you are openly and honestly praising them for a job well done

Some positions, such as Administration or Data Capturing, aren’t generally commendable tasks, but taking a moment to thank your staff for the tireless work they do, no matter their position, will mean so much to them. Think about creative ways to show them your appreciation. It may be a voucher for an experience, or a simple announcement to the rest of the office of their amazing abilities.

  1. Engage them in future plans and goals

There is no reason why your staff can’t share in the company’s journey. Tell them what your plans are – ask them for their insight and ideas – you may be surprised by what they have to offer.

  1. Remind them of why their part in the organisation is important – give their job meaning

Every position in the company is important and without their role being fulfilled things could slowly start to fall apart. Remind them of why their position is important.

  1. Show interest in their goals and aspirations

The Filing Clerk or Receptionist may have desires of being in another position totally outside of what they are currently doing. Show interest and encourage them to reach those goals.

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