It is important to respect the privacy of employees’ personal time, but it can sometimes affect their work performance.  Studies have shown that substance-abusing employees’ function at about two-thirds of their capability and are three times more like to be late for work.

By finding a way to empower them to be the best version of themselves will benefit both parties involved.

Encouraging a healthy company culture has wide-reaching ripple effects that benefit everyone – consider including the following as you create and implement your substance abuse policy:

  • The definition of substance abuse
  • The purpose, intention and/or objectives of the policy
  • Who is included in the programme?
  • Circumstances for drug or alcohol testing
  • How to maintain confidentiality when dealing with the issue
  • Resources to educate employees on substance abuse
  • Training and reporting systems for identifying signs of substance abuse
  • Plans for assistance or disciplinary actions for violations

Even though it’s uncomfortable to address suspected substance-related abuse issues, it will benefit and protect all parties involved.

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