We know that candidates get nervous for interviews, but sometimes Managers do as well.

In order to get the best pool of candidates for you to interview from contact us at TIME PERSONNEL – We set the benchmark for SERVICE EXCELLENCE in RECRUITMENT!

After you have chosen who you would like to interview below are tips on how to prepare before you conduct an Interview:

–  Ensure you have the correct questions ready that will give you clarity and assurance that you have covered your position available in detail.

–  Invite another Manager to join the interview so that you can bounce feedback off each other afterwards.

–  Ask this employee to run through a typical day of what happens in the office, this will give you a clear picture and more clarity as to their work structure.

–  Ensure you have their correct Cost to Company salary, if you want to offer them a position you do not want to go backwards and forwards due to having the incorrect information.

–  Don’t rush an interview, you need to have enough clarity about them so that you can make the right decision.

–  Be forthcoming with information about your company so that the candidate leaves with an excellent impression of your company and work culture environment.


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