At Time Personnel we understand that running a business today is like a big puzzle! When pieces of this puzzle go missing it causes a big upset, the scattered pieces resemble your workforce and their aspirations.

The result of absenteeism is additional labour costs to make up for lost productivity, but more than this is the increased workload on the remaining workforce which can cause workplace dissatisfaction and similar related issues.

Solving these problems will be a massive saving in your organisation!

Absenteeism can also include “Time theft” which is not necessarily missing full days of work, it can be arriving late, leaving early, or taking extended breaks. All of this adds up and costs a business money.  Be sure to identifying the causes and how you can implement an action plan to create a healthier workplace and happier workers.

The common reasons for cause of employee absent are as follows:


Often an unavoidable circumstance, however employees often fail to let Management know.  Create a user-friendly system which will allow HR to make a provisional plan accordingly in time.


Perhaps this a symptom, ensure you have an open-door policy and encourage employees to report any harassment incidents


If there is no commitment an employee will find an excuse to miss work, either due to not being treated fairly, lack of feedback from managers or lack of flexibility

Low Workplace Morale:

Respect is essential – if there is no respect there will be very low employee morale, try improving this by adding work ‘fun days’ etc.

Child or Elder Care Issues:

Perhaps here you can consider flexible hours dependent on the employees’ situation

Stress & Burnout:

Extreme stress, long working hours will cause employees to either get sick more often, have low morale, or quit without notice.

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