Job shadowing can really help your new employee immensely when they start their new position.

It can be very daunting to walk into a new job, irrespective of whether a new employee has been involved in that type of role before.  Allowing the new employee to job shadow an existing employee or the employee who is leaving, can help boost their confidence and actually get them hitting the ground running when they do take over 100%.

Very often, companies arrange the job shadowing for a few hours a week, if their current employment allows, or sometimes, even after hours or weekends.

A few pointers to take into account when bringing job shadowing into your company processes:

  • Ensure your new employee knows that the first week requires job shadowing
  • Let them they will be paid so they don’t worry about remuneration
  • Ensure the job shadow takes the employee through a typical day in the life of that position
  • Make sure the person managing the job shadow gives the employee all the facts positively –ensure there is an agenda for the process
  • Teach the employee about the company history, the company values and what they can expect when it comes to office socials, reviews and any other company related activities outside of their normal duties
  • At the end of the job shadow day, ask them for feedback to ensure everything is covered effectively

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