“Receiving a resignation letter from my top employee is not what I had on the cards for today.”

Dealing with resignations is always difficult for an Employer and it is important for your company to understand the reasons why employees leave. Most companies conduct exit interviews, we feel that this is vital when employing new staff.

There is not always only one “smoking gun” reason that makes a good employee quit. A combination of things could be weighing down on an employee and impact their decision to quit.

Over the years’ Time Personnel has interviewed numerous candidates to form part of our quality database. We have compiled a list of frequent reasons why employees leave their jobs. This can assist you with reassessing your employee retention.

  • Lack of Trust and Autonomy

Keeping good employees begins and ends with trust. Leaders who do not trust their employees will often micromanage them and constantly questions their decisions. High performing employees do not necessarily need this level of oversight, the thrive in environments where they are trusted.

  • Not being appreciated or recognized

It is difficult to constantly give all your employees recognition, but where it is valid and or appropriate, it is definitely due. Employees often leave because they feel they are undervalued or receive broken promises. When Employers or Managers do not praise their staff, it could often become a toxic environment and cause employees to resign.

  • Seeing important & good employees leave

There is often a saying where “people join companies and leave because of bad Managers”. The reverse can also be true, but often when longstanding employees leave, there is a wave of resignations.

  • Feeling underutilised

Good employees want to be challenged and feel that they are contributing toward the company. Once an employee feels underutilised, they start to lose motivation are seek challenges elsewhere.  Managers need to make sure that they are using the full potential of their employees.

  • Work / Life balance

An Employees situation or circumstances can change at any minute. Being comfortable talking openly to your Employer is not always easy, and what happens is often employees turn to resigning instead. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right balance but having a safe line of communication is vital with your employees.

Candidates are now more than ever considering a company’s culture to evaluate all aspects of their work ethics. It is vital that you employ the right person for your position. Time Personnel has the expertise find the right candidate for your company culture. Contact our A Team to assist your recruitment needs – 021 447 0860.



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