As a business owner this process of onboarding new employees can make or break the success of your new hire!

Remember that much of your new found hiring success rate will actually be the direct result of what you do in the first 90 days.

It is exceptionally important to have an onboarding and orientation plan for how you will optimally bring your new hire on board, considering the goals of the first week, first three months, so that you have a clear picture how you will orient them on their responsibilities, your products and services, your internal company systems.

On their first day we recommend you bring your team together and do a team introduction, you want your new hire to feel valued, important, and determined not to let any of their new team members down.  Additionally, appointing a mentor and assuring them that they are in good hands goes a long way.

Your new hire needs to understand your service standards, how your clients see the business as a whole.  We recommend that a one to one meeting needs to be held after one week, and then thereafter every 2 – 3 weeks in order to ensure that tasks are completed and your new hire understands the processes, their contribution to the company, their KPI’s, and the way forward to be successful in their probation period and ongoing into their new career.

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Our Motto:  Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills.