A few easy steps to put your interview stress to bed 🙂


  • Remember to wear your confident pair of shoes, first impression counts and only you can be responsible to walk your way confidently into an interview looking exceptionally well groomed
  • Prepare by viewing interview example questions on google, this will brush up your knowledge on your own past experience so that you don’t leave the meeting thinking, I forgot to say this, I could have talked about that… etc.
  • Try on your interview outfit the night before, talk to yourself in the mirror and smile while you are talking – this image will stay with you and hopefully chase away any nerves that creep in
  • Do not give negative information about your current or previous Employer.
  • Ensure whoever you might meet at the company that you greet them with a friendly and polite attitude because other people could also be doing the screening
  • Researching the company and understanding the detail on their website is key! Don’t get caught out by not knowing the detail on what the company is all about.
  • Google the names of the people you will be meeting with, if you can find a photo of them it will immediately make you feel more comfortable when meeting them.


With the end result remember you can only do your best – after that, it is what will be, will be!

Never take a “no” negatively – put it down to experience – that particular job was not on your future career path and there will be another opportunity more suited to you around the corner.

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