Another more common name would be “butt-in-seat time”.

Employers are often judged by how many hours they work and not always by the end result and their contribution overall.  It can be perceived that as long as you are in front of your desk at all times that this will make you a good employee.

What causes Presenteeism can come from internal or external pressure.  If unrealistic deadlines are set which causes an employee to come to work sick or need to work while on vacation this is Presenteeism.

What can you do to ensure Presenteeism doesn’t happen?

  • Identify quickly when an employee is a risk to themselves, their colleagues and their work- load
  • Discuss the situation with them in detail, ensuring that they understand why they shouldn’t be at work
  • Insist that they go home or to the doctor and get better
  • Ensure they understand that their job is not a risk

Basically, working while you are ill, not only prevents you from working to the best of your ability it can also affect your co-workers.

So, when presenteeism happens in your office, you can end up with multiple people sick over weeks instead of one person out of the office for two days.

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