If you want to recruit a leader, it is important to get the exact traits that you require.

Time Personnel will find your high-impact Leadership Team by engaging with your Company to understand what makes your leaders successful

Time Personnel have a good understanding of the following: 

  • With our collective experience we know what Top Leaders are wanting in the marketplace
  • We head hunt in order to get only the candidates that align with your current leaders and what has made them successful
  • We are thinking long term for your company with this hiring process
  • Background checks and excellent referencing ensuring that the Leaders are trustworthy from their previous work history
  • Time Personnel looks for the optimistic attitude in the candidate – ensuring they carry a positive and energetic quality that can answer to not only the positive sides of your business but to the problematic areas as well
  • We identify candidates that have passion, dedication and are good decision makers
  • We engage with what management style will work for you
  • We find the Leader that can set goals and have a vision going forward


If you’re looking for a leader, speak to us and we will help you find that perfect person.

Time Personnel – for all your recruitment needs!


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