Staying motivated during lock-down is what will make you a Quality Candidate to employ.

During this tough time that South Africa is going through, Time Personnel remains passionate about their Clients and Candidates. To elevate you from the burden of finding suitable employment after the lock-down, Time Personnel has a few solutions for you to implement into your daily routine.

Companies that are in need of new staff will only employ the top candidates for their positions. To make sure that you are part of the top candidate list, use this time at home to be productive. Employers look for staff who stay motivated and utilise their time the right way.

  • Create a professional CV (contact Time Personnel to assist you)
  • Find online tutorials to up-skill yourself on Excel, PowerPoint and Word or in the field you work in
  • Prepare yourself for various testing, this can include personality, cognitive or even drug testing
  • Practice your interviewing skills via Skype, Zoom or Watsapp video calling with a friend or family member
  • Ask for feedback after your interview to improve your interview skills
  • Apply for positions that you qualify for (Do not apply for positions that you have no experience in)
  • Make sure that your references are aware that you have listed them on your CV
  • Keep your social media professional, this includes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Think of 5 reasons why you are the best candidate to employ

Join Time Personnel’s Talent Pool to be a part of their Quality database.

If you are in need of employing top candidates, contact Time Personnel to assist you with your recruitment needs.

Stay motivated, Stay productive, Stay positive and Stay safe.

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