Our Team

Liz Henry

Liz Henry

Director & Executive Head Hunter


With her background as a professional ballerina, Liz grew to understand the discipline, poise, passion, commitment, excellence and the over-arching drive to succeed. These are the very qualities she has injected into Time Personnel, and critically these are the traits that Time Personnel look for in the candidates that are sourced for their clients.

After a career as a ballerina, Liz started as a secretary, moved into sales and then took the plunge to open her own recruitment company. She realised very quickly, all through her various roles, that the one way to achieve success was to treat people with respect and warmth. Liz has applied and instilled this in her business and her staff at Time Personnel.

What makes Time Personnel stand out is the Personality Differentiator. Liz firmly believes in hanging on to the “people contact aspect”, not just relying on the email communication options of today.

Liz can often be heard saying:
“There is no personality button on your computer”.
“Happy People, Good Business”

+27 (0)21 447 0860 / liz@timepersonnel.co.za

Delmarie Huxtable

Delmarie Huxtable

HR & Recruitment Manager

Our Methodical Expert!

Delmarie is our expert in HR, Recruitment, Labour Law and Payroll.  She uses her vast experience in an advisory capacity that is very effective, useful and appreciated by our clients   She has a passion for admiring and advising the growth in employees.

Her career extends across various industries in the role of being an HR Manager.  This experience has added an additional advantage and success factor to Time Personnel.  She has had a special focus on the Fashion Industry which is a passion of hers. Everyone at Time Personnel just loves her attitude, which is filled with enthusiasm and energy. Her driven, demanding and fast-paced work schedule will always boost Delmarie along in her role at Time Personnel.

Delmarie’ s favourite quote is, “You never fail until you stop trying.” – Albert Einsten

+27 (0)21 447 0860 / delmarie@timepersonnel.co.za

Megan Neal

Megan Neal

Key Accounts Recruitment Specialist

Our Calm and Collected Element!

No need to panic because Megan is here, and she knows how to solve a problem. This is the element that she brings with her in her role of managing our Key Accounts. Together with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities, her positivity and drive to find what she is looking for, Megan finds motivation to manage her work in a unique way.

If asked what her favourite part of her day is, she would answer confidently and with excitement, “Dealing with people on all levels.” What you need she will find!

Megan’s favourite quote is, “It always seems impossible until its done.” – Nelson Mandela.

+27 (0)21 447 0860 / megan@timepersonnel.co.za

Jolene Voges

Jolene Voges

Recruitment Resourcer

Our “Platteland” Professional!

Jolene’s previous experience was as a Recruitment Consultant for an International Agency. While she loved the craziness and pressure, she realised she was missing what she calls the “local and lekker”.

Time Personnel definitely fits Jolene’s temperament and focus. With her “never give up till the fat lady has sung” attitude, her position as a Recruitment Resourcer Specialist allows her to enjoy the thrill of matching up candidates with companies and keeping a hand on the pulse of recruitment.

Jolene’s favourite quote is, “Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.” – Dennis Prager

+27 (0)21 447 0860 / jolene@timepersonnel.co.za