Liz and Delmarie are so professional and friendly and are wiling to go the extra mile.

They were very helpful and it was a pleasure working with them.  I highly recommend them for all of your recruitment needs.


For our company’s recruitment Time Personnel have repeatedly delivered excellent service and provided us with excellent candidates!

We highly recommend their services.


Client - Online Learning

Very professional service in handling our recruitment process.  They have supplied three employees to our organisation.  Time Personnel’s service offers the personal touch in recruitment!

We will highly recommend them!

Retail Client

Time Personnel has the best team!!!

They found my CV online and tried to contact me and when they couldn’t reach me on my phone they sent a WhatsApp message, and that I will never forget.

Delmarie used to phone and check on me, assist and prepare me for my interviews, Liz went to fetch me at a nearby taxi rank when I was running late for my appointment.

They will do their best on making sure you get all the help you need.

Through Time Personnel I am working for a Logistics company, it’s been 12 months and I just got a promotion. I will recommend Time Personnel to to anyone for recruitment!!!


Professional and friendly staff.  Very helpful.  It was such a pleasure working with all of them and I have recommended them to everyone.  A Big thank you for all of the help that I received.


I am looking for 2 new employees, First contacted another Personnel agent who was not professional at all , but I then was in contact with Liz from Time personnel.  So far I have only had a friendly informative & professional response from this company. I look forward to have a continued relationship with TIME PERSONNEL as my business grows.


The lady’s at time Personnel really went above and beyond to find my a job and helped me every step of that way, such a great recruitment company, would recommend them to all my friends and family

Malcolm Lips

LinkedIn Article from our Client

No one likes Estate Agents [I know some good ones] Recruitment Agencies usually are in the same bracket. Good NEWS, Liz Henry at Time Personnel breaks the mold, she is interested in the vacancy, the employer and most importantly YOU!! The process she and her small but excellent team follows is exactly the same no matter who or what you are. If the employer isn’t up to scratch she WON’T work with them, they are meticulous, they want to know YOU and pair you with a vacancy that actually suits you and the employer, round pegs for round holes, instead of any peg for any hole. If you want a vacancy filled, properly instead of anything or anyone, contact Liz or one of her team. Proper Recruitment for real jobs, importantly for employers, value for money and time.

Charles Winshaw Investment

Many thanks Mega for your assistance..

I have copied Liz into this email as I wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and excellent service.

You are a pleasure to deal with Megan.



Time Personnel offers exceptional service with a personal touch that helped me find a dream job in the space of one week.

A huge thank you to Liz and Megan for their encouragement and non stop support.


A Professional recruitment agency, helpful, friendly and capable staff.

I will definitely recommend Time Personnel. They’ve successfully assisted me through the recruitment process and definitely are a company whose services I would make use of again!


Honestly the best recruitment agency I have ever come across. I applied to one of their advertised positions and on arrival for my interview, they told me that I’m overqualified and that they will be looking out for something better for me. I thought I’d never hear from them again, but it wasn’t even a week when they offered me another position to apply for. I then got an interview with the company and eventually got the job. Megan Neal phoned me every few days to check in and always let me know immediately whenever she got feedback from the employer. Amazing customer service found very rarely in CT. Well done 👍🏼


I can highly recommend Time Personnel! Thank you to Delmarie and her team, for the professional manner in which they handled my application and placement. They went above and beyond what would be expected. Thank you so much for the friendly, honest and helpful service and for all the phone calls of encouragement and simply to find out how I was and if I was enjoying my new job and settling in! This all made this experience so much easier for me. What an awesome team! xx


Time personnel renders excellent service. With the assistance of Delmarie I was able to strike a job within 3 weeks. I would definitely recommend the Time personnel team as they do everything to ensure they find employment that best suits one’s needs. To top it all off, they are so involved, constantly checking in to find out how things are going.
To me that was extremely helpful.
Thank you Time Personnel Keep up the great standard of work!

Client – Property Industry

Thanks once again for your assistance in finding our new employee – she is proving to be a 100% good choice in all aspects and we are so grateful to have someone who not only fits in really well, but is super sharp and a really quick learner.



Thanks Delmarie for spending so much time with me this morning. It is great to work with somebody that’s so detailed and professional.  Many thanks.



It was such a pleasure to meet you and I really enjoyed the interview process. I would like to personally say how comfortable you made me feel and I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.


This is the second candidate from Time Personnel, and you NEVER FAIL to impress.

Thank you for making the process so PAINLESS!!!



Manufacturing Company

Delmarie provided me with the utmost amazing service. She was quick and efficient in finding me a job. I have seen other recruitment agents but none who have shown a real interest me and finding the job best suited for me.  I highly recommend Time Personnel.


I personally would like to thank the company Time Personnel and their team for all their hard work, especially Megan Neal. She has been brilliant throughout the process of finding me my job and then checking up on me to find out if I am enjoying my experience and if the job was suited for me. I would personally recommend Time Personnel to anyone searching for a job or a company who would like to use their services.  I would tell them about the outstanding recruiter Megan, and what she has done for me.  Once again thank you for your time and effort.

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