They say that you have 4 seconds to make an impression …

How important are first impressions then?

When it comes to recruiting, whether you are the interviewee or the candidate, you HAVE TO MAKE THESE 4 seconds count.

Do not be fooled candidates when looking for a job that you can go casually dressed and ungroomed to meet a recruitment agency. We are your first impression and it is vital that you treat an interview with a recruiter with the same value as you would with the Director or HR Manager of a company where you will be interviewed. Unfortunately, it is very seldom that you have a second chance.

As a candidate you are up against many others, all of you are wanting to leave a lasting good impression – at TIME PERSONNEL our motto is “HIRE FOR ATTITUDE & TRAIN FOR SKILLS”, so your attitude in an interview is vital. You need to conduct yourself in a professional manner in an interview to make sure that the Recruiter can see your true value.

As for you as the interviewer, you represent your company and you are the face of your company. You need to ask yourself what are you showing this potential employee that you are interviewing? In today’s highly skilled and talent pool of people, it is important that you do impress them. The quality candidates will always have options and you need to make sure that you are right on top of that list before they get snapped up.

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