The most important way to ensure our success at Time Personnel is forming the COMMUNICATION triangle that binds the trust factor between our candidates and our clients with our recruitment process.

Our potential candidates develop trust in us as the recruiter, they share with us other potential interviews that they are attending.  Knowing this information from our thorough COMMUNICATION assists us with preventing a potential job offer being declined.

If we know that our client’s top choice candidate is going on other interviews and has a potential pending offer, we are able to notify our client so that they understand the process and time factor they are in with their vital decision-making process.

Time Personnel provide and value integrity to ensure our clients and our candidates are able to get the necessary value from our processes.

By staying in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION, we are ensuring that everyone stays on the same page when it comes to the interview process.

Let’s face it, there is nothing more frustrating for a candidate than the feeling of being left in the dark or forgotten.  No answer from their interview at the recruitment agent or with the client.  It leaves them feeling undervalued.  One needs to remember that they take off time from their current employment, have transport costs etc. to start and get to the actual recruitment appointment.

COMMUNICATION is our vital key that keeps our candidates and clients are on the same page!

Keeping everyone updated within our triangle that we form in recruitment is our recipe for success.

If you require assistance in recruiting staff – Use the best, our A TEAM at TIME PERSONNEL – We set the benchmark for service excellence.