No matter which 2020 workplace predictions or forecasts you read, people are the focal point. The need to attract and retain talent in a competitive market will continue to intensify regardless of technological innovations. Developing a distinct employment brand and fostering a strong culture to attract and retain talent isn’t new, but it’s never been more critical. Look at what Time Personnel has to say about practices that will elevate your talent game in this new decade.

Put your Company Culture First

The best way to make something important is to talk about it early and often. Starting every meeting with a question about culture, hiring or employee retention illustrates its importance and keeps it top of mind for everyone.

Get your employer brand right

Seventy-five percent of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying, so ensure your online footprint tells the story you want it to. Building a reputation as a top employer is important. In addition to your website and social media- and professional-networks, focus on third-party reviews, employee testimonials or awards or certifications.

Focus on the candidate experience

Job candidates today expect a consumer-level experience. It takes a human touch to develop a relationship with the candidates. What makes your company stand out and why would someone want to work there? Even though you work remotely, you still need to create a suitable environment for new candidates to work in.

Don’t kill the office yet

There is no doubt that flexibility and the ability to work remotely are top drivers for people accepting new jobs and staying at organizations, but that is not the whole story. In a world shifting more and more towards knowledge work, physical proximity to other creative people is becoming more important, not less. Working together helps us build trust and community, collaborate, and socialize, as well as giving us infrastructure and support. Rest assured, the office is not going away any time soon; most top employers are finding a blend of remote and office work is optimal.

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