The workplace has changed significantly with many staff currently working remotely.

It is exceptionally important that the employer and the employee demonstrate trustworthiness by being predictable, reliable, taking commitments seriously and following through on work time and deadlines.

Prolonged isolation is not healthy and can often result in anxiety and depression, so it is very important to keep your team engaged, not only one on one, but for your team to be engaged in group team meetings.

The most important tips that we recommend:

–              Daily check-in through virtual meetings at a set time

–              Keep communicating during the day, check if daily expectations can be met

–              Take advantage of technology and use the best of the best

–              Manage expectations, be clear of what you require

–              Focus on outcomes not only on activity

–              Ensure your project status, outcomes and productivity are visible, you do not want out of sight, out of mind

–              Allow for flexibility


We want to avoid our employees becoming stagnant and unmotivated, so they continually need to be encouraged!

Do not forget our motto is “Hire for attitude and train for skills”

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