Company leaders need to bring this concept back to life and pay attention to their employees ensuring they are engaged in the workplace.

So often workers can lack an emotional connection to their jobs. This means they are not content, are unproductive and could share their negativity with colleagues.

A lot of companies have tried to fix true employee engagement by completing a survey, engaging in meetings, or appointing a committee, but unfortunately these methods have not worked.

Ultimately, we need to find a way to re-create the passion your employees had on the first day when joining your company.

Below are some tips to assist:

  • Have a compelling mission and ensure your employees are constantly reminded as to what this is.
  • Fix your controlling Managers by giving them an opportunity to change. Your business cannot survive when you have a Manager treating your most valuable asset (your employees) like children.
  • Keep valuing your staff above all else. Remember your team is more important than your product, customers, and revenue.  Your employees create your products, make your customers happy and generate the company’s revenue. Without good staff your strategy is just words on paper.
  • Make your workplace an enjoyable experience. Ditch those old 20th century rules. Perhaps measure your employees’ output and concentrate less on input. Allow them to purchase equipment and software that makes their job easier, instead of holding onto antiquated IT policies. Bring joy to the workplace.
  • Enhance your staffs best thinking. When they have a tangible impact on your company it means so much to them. Reward them for making the company better.

All in all, investing to ensure employees care about their jobs is something that every company needs to do. Employees spend the majority of their waking hours at work so one needs to strive to make that experience as positive as possible.

Do not forget our motto is “HIRE FOR ATTITUDE – TRAIN FOR SKILLS”

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