Working from home has become the norm for most employees and video call meetings are part of your daily routine. To those who are still adjusting to video calls, here are few tips for video calling etiquette.


  • Check your appearance and make sure that you are dressed appropriately
  • Set up your space and make sure that you have a suitable background
  • Be prepared for the meeting
  • Be punctual and do not delay the meeting
  • Make sure that there are no distractions around you and that your call is private
  • Minimize any interruptions
  • If you are speaking to people you have not met, introduce yourself and take note of the other people’s names
  • Be courteous to other participants and do not interrupt them while they are speaking
  • Turn off your sound if you are on a large conference call
  • Signal the group by raising your hand if you need a chance to speak
  • Close all programs that are not relevant before sharing your screen


  • Check or read emails during the call
  • Position your camera too low
  • Eat during the video call
  • Have music playing in the background
  • Take calls or text during the video call
  • Shout or raise your voice, regardless the situation
  • Interrupt other speakers while they are talking
  • Carry on with side conversations
  • Do not look at yourself, look at the people or camera

One can easily be distracted while working from home, it is important to remain focused as you are still a vital part of your company.

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