Without lamenting about “the days gone by” and “how it used to be” there seems to be a real change in the calibre of salespeople being produced today.

It could be because one doesn’t really need to receive that hard sell nowadays:

  •   We have everything at our fingertips
  •   We don’t need to wait for that knock on the door late at night from the travelling salesman
  •   We don’t need to make a trek over to the shops
  •   We can just start up the computer or swipe our phones to start browsing

The traditional salesperson is rarely found anymore.

Today’s salesperson needs to be more adaptable to our ever-changing world, which is a world that that still wants human contact and connection, but that realises they have modern technology to add and enhance the human contact factor.

In this tech driven world, salespeople must have the right equipment in order to do their job effectively. Many platforms and software applications can help.

 Are your salespeople working within today’s new age?

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