This is when an employee insists on coming to work even though they are very sick.

While it is commendable, not accepting that they are not up to the job can be detrimental to the company as a whole. Many employees are scared to take time off, thinking that they will be demerited or lose benefits of some sort.

The level of productivity will most definitely be affected even though they have their own or the company’s best interests at heart. But, they would be better off going home, resting up and getting over the illness, than sitting at their desk doing less than their required quotient.

It would be best to allocate their work to employees who are well and operating at full tilt.

What can you do to ensure Presenteesim doesn’t happen?

  1. identify very quickly when an employee is a risk to themselves, their colleagues and their work load
  2. discuss the situation with them in detail, ensuring that they understand why they shouldn’t be at work
  3. insist that they go home or to the doctor and get better
  4. Ensure they understand that their job is not at risk

At the end of the day, it is your business and if having an employee stay at work is detrimental, then you must make it clear that it won’t work. From the way they deal with clients to the way they perform their duties, all can be heavily affected by their ailment.

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