Your employees spend endless hours together, if you think about it, the majority of your day is spent at work. You spend more time with your colleagues than with your family and friends. Ensuring that they get on and find common ground is vital.

Stats show that employees who engage on a common ground with each other, prove to increase their productivity levels as well as their morale.

Bringing people together with a common goal and interest can definitely improve productivity in the workplace! Affinity Groups are led by staff members to increase the engagement of employees and create a successful work environment.

Ideas for starting an Affinity Group:

  • Finding a common goal to work towards
  • Explaining the reasons why Affinity Groups will work
  • Deciding on a plan and sticking to it
  • Delegating and assigning roles
  • Celebrate success

Affinity Groups can help creating a successful environment – give it a try!

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