Why hire a professional recruiter?

Employing a new staff member for your business is not a “quick fix “ it is an INVESTMENT.

It is important that your new recruit ticks all the boxes and is not just a fill in that you are hoping will work.

TIME PERSONNEL are professional and qualified and here are a few other reasons to hire a professional recruiter:

  • Calculate the cost of your time that you waste on training a candidate that does not work out, or the loss you make when a financial employee steals money
  • Receiving advice from an expert’s point of view who can always open up your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t thought of
  • Freeing up your time as an owner or that of your manager so that you can do what you do best
  • Negotiating on salary, benefits, work hours, etc. etc. can be a tedious process – best handled by a professional
  • The time you spend during work and after hours that you spend going through the tedious process of sifting through loads of CVs – not for the faint-hearted!
  • Knowing what person suits what position is ‘an art’ all on its own, and getting it right can save you money


  • We set the benchmark for Service Excellence!!

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