Why hire a professional recruiter?

Why indeed?


Perhaps answered simply with these questions –

Why hire a qualified plumber to fix your toilet?

Why book an appointment with a doctor when you’re ill?

Why entrust your savings to an accredited financial advisor?


Why indeed?


Besides that, TIME PERSONNEL are professional and qualified – here are a few other reasons to hire a professional recruiter:


  1. Calculate the cost of your time that you waste on training a candidate that does not work out, or the loss you make when a financial employee steals money


  1. Receiving advice from an expert’s point of view who can always open up your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t thought of


  1. Freeing up your time as an owner or that of your manager so you/he(delete) can do what you do best


  1. Negotiating on salary, benefits, work hours, etc. etc. can be a tedious process – best handled by a professional


  1. The time you spend during work and after hours that you spend going through the tedious process of sifting through loads of CVs – not for the faint-hearted!


  1. Knowing what person suits what position is an art all on its own – and getting it right can save money


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