Our motto has been the critical success factor in Time Personnel delivering the best recruitment service since we started in 2004.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring technically gifted people only under the assumption that they can change their attitude through sophisticated training programmes, unfortunately this will not turn out successfully.

This is the reason why we take the critical process of qualifying your specific need for your job requirement very seriously.  We ensure we understand your company and the department where this position is being filled so that we can guide you in finding the right match professionally. 

We will not waste your time by just sending you candidates that have a job qualification and a job description that is similar to your requirement.  It is our job to do the shortlisting accurately.  We save you Time as Time is money.

As a team we are driven and excited to find that individual that will jump in, learn the skills, and help your company grow.  We achieve our goals but you succeeding with your goals through the staff that we supply you.

Your company needs quality staff that can add value to suit your environment.  It requires people who are committed to taking personal responsibility for offering exceptional service. 

In conclusion don’t suffer the consequences of making a bad hiring decision, rather use TIME PERSONNEL to find you your MATCH!

We set the benchmark for EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!