Unicorns are extremely rare. In fact, many believe they don’t exist. But, we know they do. We even have proof. No, really, we do.

No, really, we do. What are we talking about? Unicorns? Yes, but not the single horn type. We’re referring to Unicorn employees.

A Unicorn employee is someone that possesses unique talents and skills, and as a recruiter they are very hard to come by. A Unicorn doesn’t subscribe to one job title either – they are that special that they are a bit of an anomaly. They are able to add so much more to the workplace and your business than, dare we say, a regular worker.

We are not saying that they are perfect, by no means. Even a “real” Unicorn has a hair out of place every now and then, but these rare breeds tend to err on the side of sublimity. And, in our experience, they rarely leave their habitat, as in, once they have been nabbed up by a company, they tend to stay, because they are looked after so well.

Yes, yes, we know. We can hear you shouting, “I want me a Unicorn!” and we understand why. They are magical and precious creatures. And, no, we are not pulling your leg.

They really do exist. And, they really are just human beings, Human beings with a crazy amount of talent made up of both hard and soft skills, the latter being the most enticing.