A few months ago, we embarked on a phenomenal exercise with Linda Remke of Valueneurs.


What Valueneurs did for us:

– An in-depth session with each staff member

– Introduction to the values exercise, i3 profile process and the life balance wheel

– Personal alignment for each team member

– Team workshop identifying each person’s top indicators, how they can complement each other and where each employee can be taking on either more less of certain activities

i3 profiling brings a new language into a business.  Beyond personal and business language it will focus on elements such as who is the enquirer, who is the Enterpriser, who is the Promotor, and who is the Perceiver.


This process has assisted the Time Personnel staff to embrace themselves and be comfortable and successful in the role that they play within the team. It has created a better understanding, a deeper respect and trust between each employee.

We can highly recommend Linda or anyone of her coaches within the Valueneurs platform.

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