This is not the easiest of tasks to do, however Letters of recommendation are an essential requirement for employees leaving your business.

It is always about finding the correct words… It is important to give their performance and history with your company due diligence

Below are some guidelines that TIME PERSONNEL can recommend:

  • Ensure you have a copy of their particular job description as this will put you in a good starting place being able to relate to their exact duties.
  • Give examples of areas where they performed particularly well, a real-life example is always a win on a reference
  • Always use positive language
  • Find out about the employee’s recognitions over the years and if you do not directly manage them get information from somebody who is in a closer working relationship with them
  • Add any awards that were achieved
  • Add those circumstances where the person has gone the extra mile, add the things that would standout like overtime and the ability to multi-task and work under pressure
  • Finish off the letter with a positive and encouraging note

Recommendations can be very powerful and are essential documents for employees to have for future positions or promotions.

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