5 Stars *****

Thank you Time Personnel – MEGAN IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND, she went above and beyond to help me, honestly a life changer!!!


5 Stars *****

Delmarie and Jolene were awesome from when they recieved my CV. Jolene followed up with a phone call and Delmarie conducted an online interview.

Thereafter I was interviewed by their client and recieved an employment offer shortly after. Between the time of signing contract and offer, Delmarie was in contact with me regularly as there was a slight delay .

I will gladly recommend Time Personnel and have recently done so to a friend. Thanks for great service


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I want to thank Liz for her excellent professionalism and friendliness!

She stayed in touch all the time which kept me grounded, secured and calm. She, Time Personnel, does things the right way!

I thank her and her team for their wonderful assistance for finding me a new opportunity during these trying times!

I will most definitely recommend their services!!


5 Stars *****

I am extremely happy with the recruitment service TIME PERSONNEL offered me. They have been very professional throughout the whole recruitment process, from start to finish.
Liz has always made me feel comfortable and confident while handling my resume and liaising between the company and myself.
TIME PERSONNEL was very responsive and made me feel like a person instead of just another resume she was handling.


5 Stars *****
Postive: Professionalism

I highly recommend TIME PERSONNEL. Liz has been helpful in assisting me every step of the way throughout the entire process of job seeking.

She even went a step further to negotiate on my behalf the best salary the company could offer. It was a blessing for me to work with her, if it was not for all the support she gave I would have not landed this job.


5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I worked with Delmarie who was professional and kept me informed of the process every step of the way until I finally got the job.

It was great doing business with TIME PERSONNEL. I highly recommend Time Personnel to other jobseekers who are looking for professionalism.


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism

Time Personnel I can honestly say is a great recruitment agency. The time they spent by aligning your skills to a specific company and culture is remarkable.

Delmarie is professional, diligent and amazing as a RECRUITMENT PROFESSIONAL – She constantly updated me throughout the process there was no need to follow up with her with regards to my job application.

The communication between myself and her client was prompt at all times. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND TIME PERSONNELto any client or candidates….


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

I would like to thank TIME for their professionalism and efficiency while dealing with them.

I dealt with Megan who held my hand every step of the way during the recruitment process. Always keeping me informed as to the next steps.

I got my dream position which I started yesterday. Thank you Megan and Time Personnel, you have certainly made an amazing difference in my life and I’m forever Grateful


5 Stars *****

I would like to thank Megan for her postive support and motivation through my recruitment process. She has been amazing and it has been a memorable experience. Megan is someone who is priceless as a member of your team.

I highly recommend Time Personnel with their recruitment service


5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

The TIME PERSONNEL recdruitment Team has been part of my journey for quite a few years.

Their professional approach to finding and placing candidates is scarce. Delmarie, you are my Star, always professional, caring and encouraging, and never making me feel like just ‘another number’.

Thank you TIME PERSONNEL, you will always be my only recommendation.


5 Stars *****

Time Personnel staff have changed my status from unemployed to employed and growing in a space of 1.5 months!

They have assisted and accompanied me through the whole recruitment process from accepting my application to contacting me and scheduling an interview with their high quality, professional and very friendly staff; all the way to landing me my dream job!

I am extremely happy with their service and will recommend TIME PERSONNEL everywhere I go!


5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

When I got a call from Time Personnel I thought aaahh another time waister BUT you guys proved me wrong in so many ways.

From the first phone call I could feel that you really wanted to help and wanted the best for me as an individual.

I would just like to thank Delmarie for always keeping me in the loop, her professionalism and her words of encouragement before and after the whole process. Within one week I got a job and I cannot wait to start my career at the new company. THANK YOU !!!

Time Personnel you are the best !!


5 Stars: *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

TIME PERSONNEL is a breath of fresh air! Job searching can be extremely daunting. Time Personnel made the application and interview process A LOT better.

They were in fact the only agency that actually took the time to get to know me and did not only rely on my CV to portray who I am as a professional.

TIME PERSONNEL were extremely supportive and kept me updated throughout. I commend them for the excellent service they provide!

Thank you Delmarie, Jolene and team.
Thank you for successfully matching me with a great employer!


5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

TIME PERSONNEL was one of many agencies I’ve worked with and they are by far the best.

Delmarie, my agent was very helpful, professional and trustworthy. She continuously informed me as to the status of my application.

She pushed and motivated me to do my best and helped me through the process. Thank you TIME PERSONNEL, you have a great RECRUITMENT team!

Desire – Business Owner

5 Stars *****

My staffing requirements were met within a week! I wouldn’t go anywhere but TIME PERSONNEL.

There service was quick, efficient, professional and they kept me in the loop all the way.

I highly recommend their recruitment services!

Brian – Business Owner

I found Time Personnel to be very professional in their approach to their recruitment process with placing a new employee in my business.

It was a pleasure to deal with TIME PERSONNEL and I would recommend their recruitment service.

Tax Company

5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

My contact person at Time Personnel was Megan. She changed my view on recruitment agencies all together.

She is friendly yet very professional and I appreciated the constant updates regarding the position I had applied for.

I would highly recommend TIME PERSONNEL as a recruitment agency as they are very responsive.

5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had an amazing experience with Time Personnel.

They are very hands on and I love that about them. They are friendly, very encouraging and they take interest in you.
I would highly recommend TIME PERSONNEL to everyone

5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

So I am not even registered with Time Personnel but yet they managed to get me a interview with the company that I am currently working for.

Megan Neal thank you so much for your professional service and quick response.

I would highly recommend TIME PERSONNEL for everybody to use Time Personnel for the best results!

5 Stars ****
Thank you TIME PERSONNEL for your assistance with placing me in my new jobs.
TIME PERSONNEL are a brilliant Company with brilliant Employees.
Truly professional Recruitment Company who focus on finding the right jobs for the right employees.
Thank you.
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