After searching for employment day and night for a week, Time Personnel responded timeously to my application.

Time Personnel communicated daily regarding the progress of my application and got me the job I really kept my fingers crossed for!

Thanks Megan and team for your recruitment service and all the effort and professionalism!


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

TIME PERSONNEL are simply the best. Tthey are friendly and professional.

They give regular updates and feedback. I would recommend Time Personnel’s recruitment service at anytime. Thank you Ladies 😊


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Delmarie from Time Personnel.

She was very professional throughout the entire recruitment process. She communicated with me every step of the way.

I would highly recommend using Time Personnel. I had little experience in using Recruitment Agencies but Delmarie made my experience efficient and very comforting. She was very informative and kept me updated throughout the entire application process.

I found TIME PERSONNEL to be OF excellent service, and I am one incredibly satisfied employed candidate.


5 Stars *****

The ladies working for Time Personnel are very quick to respond. Also, very thorough in the gathering of information to assist me in finding a new job.

A big thank you to Delmarie for helpfulness and support throughout the process.

For your recruitment requirements I highly recommend Time Personnel.


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had a wonderful experience with Time Personnel. They helped me through every step of the recruitment process, helped me prepare for my interviews and Megan was always available and ready to assist me with any questions I had.

My recruitment Consultant made me feel comfortable and prepared which resulted in me getting the job I applied for!

Since I’ve gotten the job, Megan has stayed in communication with me to make sure that I’m settling in nicely.

Definitely recommend Time Personnel!


5 Stars *****

Thank you Megan & Liz for all the hard work in finding the right candidate to fill our job requirement.

Great work Time Personnel team.


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Time Personnel’s recruitment service has helped me find my dream job.

The consultant took me through a step by step process and encouraged me at each stage of the process. I have had a truly fantastic human experience that I am so grateful for.

I recently started in my new role more confident than ever.

Thank you Delmarie, Thank you Time Personnel!!!


5 Stars *****

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness

I highly recommend Time Personnel’s recruitment service. They are very friendly and helpfull staff, always keeping you updated


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

I recently used TIME PERSONNEL Recruitment company to try and find work in these trying times. I had been workless for some months and struggling to find jobs on my own, but with Time I was hired at a new work opportunity within a little more than a month.

I personally had a interviews (zoom) and calls with Megan who is absolutely lovely to have as help. She eased me into interviews with my Boss & his team, called/emailed before and after every interview and just to let me know where I was in the recruitment process.

TIME PERSONNEL also provides you with questionnaires that are useful when first meeting potential companies which is very helpful when you have been out of work for a while.

The encouragement and kind pep talks from Megan meant the world to me, and all in all I had an amazing experience with TIME PERSONNEL and would definitely recommend them to anyone currently in the job market or require assistance with their recruitment process in finding new staff!


5 Stars ****

Positive: Professionalism

I have had the honour of dealing with Megan from TIME PERSONNELand all I can say is well done!

She was so supportive, caring and helpful from the first day she called me for a position until I the day I got the position.

I wish the world can have more caring people like this. Thank you Megan from the bottom of my heart for not just finding me a great position but, also for all the phone calls to check up on me.

I can honestly recommend this great company TIME PERSONNEL with their recruitment service that they offer to anyone wishing to be employed.


5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Delmarie from Time Personnel.
She was very professional throughout the entire recruitment process. Her caring and encouraging attitude boosted my confidence a great deal. She communicated with me every step of the way.

I highly recommend Time Personnel’s recruitment service to anyone looking for employment or any clients requiring staff.


5 Stars *****

Positive: Professionalism

Time Personnel are very professional, helpful and you always know what to expect.

Delmarie went the extra mile to assist me and I am very grateful and would highly recommend Time Personnel to any body out there jobhunting or needing help with their recruitment and hiring of staff


5 Stars *****

Amazing Recruitment Service!

What was most appreciated are the follow up calls!



5 Stars *****
Positive: Quality

I would like to commend Time Personnel on their professionalism. It is very rare now days to find people who are passionate about their clients and candidates. Delmarie, has only shown how professional she is .

I was blown away and dumb struck when I received a telephone call from Liz Henry, (the Director/MD)
to find out how I was doing and if I was settling in my new position.

This was a new experience for me and such a pleasant one.


5 Stars *****

Covid has affected many life’s and my hope was fading, but Time personnel has strengthened my faith and their drive to find me a job has given me that hope again.

The effort,support,confidence they put in was excellent. They built a good relationship to ensure you that you will succeed.
I would like to thank Megan ,what an amazing person.

Thank you Time Personnel for making it happen and not giving up.


5 Stars *****

Great job! Time Personnel was able to source a candidate within a very short period of time after other agencies were not able to help us with our recruitment requirement.

Highly recommend using Time Personnel for all your recruitment needs.


5 Stars *****

Thank you Time Personnel – MEGAN IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND, she went above and beyond to help me, honestly a life changer!!!


5 Stars *****

Delmarie and Jolene were awesome from when they recieved my CV. Jolene followed up with a phone call and Delmarie conducted an online interview.

Thereafter I was interviewed by their client and recieved an employment offer shortly after. Between the time of signing contract and offer, Delmarie was in contact with me regularly as there was a slight delay .

I will gladly recommend Time Personnel and have recently done so to a friend. Thanks for great service


5 Stars *****
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I want to thank Liz for her excellent professionalism and friendliness!

She stayed in touch all the time which kept me grounded, secured and calm. She, Time Personnel, does things the right way!

I thank her and her team for their wonderful assistance for finding me a new opportunity during these trying times!

I will most definitely recommend their services!!


5 Stars *****

I am extremely happy with the recruitment service TIME PERSONNEL offered me. They have been very professional throughout the whole recruitment process, from start to finish.
Liz has always made me feel comfortable and confident while handling my resume and liaising between the company and myself.
TIME PERSONNEL was very responsive and made me feel like a person instead of just another resume she was handling.

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